Trinity is a church that...

Is committed to growing Relationships

Jesus made it clear that there were two things required of us: to love God and to love people. We are committed to welcoming everyone who joins us and to build strong relationships between all who attend. We make up the body of Christ and Jesus said the world would know we were His disciples by the way we love one another.

Is sold out to sending

Trinity has a long history of support of God's work both abroad and locally. We know that there are people everywhere who are in need of hearing God's good news. With this heartbeat, we rejoice in being able to see people grow in their faith here then leave to serve God wherever He calls them.

Invests in Prayer as a priority

We can do nothing without God and we value highly the direct line of communication God provided us. We make sure that whatever we do is covered in prayer from beginning to end.

Honors our past by preparing our future

Trinity continues to stand because of the strong foundation built by those who have served it in the past. Yet, we do not live in the past but continue to move forward along the path God has laid out before us. We imitate those who came before by following where God leads next.

Teaches the freedom found in the truth

Trinity knows that the Bible is God's spoken word and the standard that all truth must be measured by. While some see any absolutes as limits to their ability to live the way they want, it is actually through this truth that one can truly be free to live a life in the way God designed it.

Reaches the lost by raising up the found

Trinity exists to point people to Jesus but we also recognize that if no one is trained on how to point people correctly than we can cause people to miss Jesus all together. We strive to raise up through discipleship and teaching those who already know Christ so that they can be effective in connecting others to Him.